In the year 1998, we incorporated Lord Industries to deal in all types of Old and New Machineries as suppliers. Since the time of our inception, we have been fast growing on to become one of the renowned suppliers in the relevant market. We broadly deal in the supplying of Used Machinery, Old Plants, Sick Units, Industrial Sheds & Units.

We are majorily involved in the sale and purchase of all types of Old and New Machineries such as Hammers, Tool room Machinery, Broaching, Milling, Shot Blast, Hadders, Cold Forged Hadders, Knuckle, Joint Presses, Power Presses, Screw Presses, Electroplating Plants, Rectifiers, Transformers, Generators, Hobbing Machines, Wire Cut, Cranes, Hosts, Lathe machines, Shapers, Shearing Machines, Plastic Moulding Machines, Panel Boards, Addas, Die Block, Plainers, Packing Machines, etc.

All types of hammer units, rolling mills, furnaces (induction furnaces,arc furnaces, laddles refining furnaces), strip mills, tube mills, chemical plants, paper mills, bicycle units,cut to length plant (CTLP) , old sheds , turbines.

These products are available in each and every size and capacities, as required by the customers. Moreover, we also provide all types of goods like Hand Tools, Bicycle Parts, Forging Items and other engineering goods for exports and domestic markets.

Faced with rigorous competition, we are fully confident to keep going ahead through high quality, low price, prompt delivery and satisfying service. We always warmly welcome our customers to join our big family and grow up together with us. Our Managerial Team is the power house of the company.