Heavy Duty Precision Planers
  • Heavy duty, robust construction, double column Planing Machine.
  • Machine can be equipped with 1 to 4 posts.
  • Speed gear box & grinding attachment can be provided
  • Wide choice of table speeds through a three speed gear box.
  • Casting conforms to IS specifications having hardness of bearing surfaces 180/200 BHN
  • Bed Table, Columns, Cross Rail etc. are having proper box section design with suitable ribbing to withstand heavy shocks during machining odd and tough jobs
  • Forced Lubrication to bed and table guide ways.
  • Shafts made of high tensile steel, ground to fine limits on imported machines, superior make antifriction bearing used in the drive.
  • Alignment conforms to ISI Test Chart
  • Wide range of selection :
    Stroke: 1800mm to 12000 mm
    Width between columns: 900mm to 3000mm
    Height under cross rail: 900mm to 3000mm